Another explosion in space by Flavio Takemoto
Another Explosion in Space by Flavio Takemoto

All things must have a beginning.

It is the inevitable law of existence that all things which are came to be from some place/moment in time. The same is true for all things of a religious nature. At some point there was no Tanakh, no New Testament, no Koran, no concept of Adonai, Christ, or Mohammed.

And then, a divine spark in the mind of a human being, a revelation, a moment perfect spiritual clarity and vision gave birth to these concepts of the divine. From the moment these things were conceived/revealed, man has sought to define and understand the nature of deity. It is my goal, using several methods of doctrinal, textural, and other disciplines of criticism, to seek out the origins of our religious beliefs. It is a journey to discover how we came to have the perspective we do and what those perspectives might mean for the future of religious thought.

In this respect, this is my origin.

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