The Walk: Baby Steps on the Path

It was early. The sun was just peeking over the hills, kissing the cold, blue, morning sky. Light had been filtering through the windows for an hour however. The room was alive with activity; drawers opening and closing, pockets checked, wallet and keys found and placed on the counter near the door. Two piles satContinue reading “The Walk: Baby Steps on the Path”

Signs of Lent: Palms, no wait, talking rocks and stones

This past week, my family and I were driving back from Colorado along Highway 85. Not for the first time, I noticed the ridges and sloping landscape to the west of the highway. As I watched the sun going down, I remembered a graphic that I saw at the Denver Museum of Natural History. TheContinue reading “Signs of Lent: Palms, no wait, talking rocks and stones”