Perspectives on John: Natural Theology

Click here for the audio version of this sermon. I try to hike regularly, particularly because anything else that resembles exercise seems entirely too tedious and uncomfortable. Since moving to the Black Hills area, I have spent most of my time hiking the Serenity Trail just off Highway 85 north going out of Newcastle. IContinue reading “Perspectives on John: Natural Theology”

Perspectives on John: Narrative Theology

The art of story When I was in elementary school, I remember seeing another kid walking around the playground, seemingly talking to himself. He walked around the schoolyard with a small stick in his hand sometimes making angry faces and shaking the stick and at other times cowering to some invisible thing, but all theContinue reading “Perspectives on John: Narrative Theology”

Perspectives on John: A Liberation Theology

A Bad Night’s Sleep Our current mattress is only about two months old at this point and when I lie down at night, it takes hardly any time for me to fall asleep. The foam feels like it just wraps itself around me until I am in this perfectly formed space that my body fitsContinue reading “Perspectives on John: A Liberation Theology”