Perspectives on John: Semiotic Theology

When is a Thing not a Thing? In the cabinet to right and above the stove, are four Ball Mason jars, two wide mouth and two regular, each quart sized. They are what you would commonly think of if you thought of a Mason Jar, transparent glass with the word ‘Mason’ imprinted on the bottomContinue reading “Perspectives on John: Semiotic Theology”

Loving neighbor in a hate filled world

My wife likes to read the comments. Whenever she sees a post that interests her on social media, she goes straight to the comments sections to see what is written there. Almost always, the commentary section looks like a verbal war zone, usually fueled by the primary, extremist expressions of political position. Yesterday, a horrificContinue reading “Loving neighbor in a hate filled world”

Perspectives on John: Postmodern Theology

Wrestling pigs I’m not certain of when the first time I saw pig wrestling was, but I remember it being something I had no desire to do. Mud flying everywhere; mud getting everywhere; honestly, I’m just not a fan of mud. But the idea appeals to some and so at county fairs across the landContinue reading “Perspectives on John: Postmodern Theology”