The Spirit of Lent: Spirit of Worship

There are moments in history that change everything. In 1963-1964, an unexpected phenomenon changed the course of western culture and defined many aspects for years to come. One description in the New York Times from December of 1963 was, They are fighting all over Britain. Rarely a night passes without an outbreak in some townContinue reading “The Spirit of Lent: Spirit of Worship”

The Spirit of Lent: Spirit of the Servant

When I think of the word servant, the series Downton Abbey comes to mind. From 2010-2015, Julian Fellowes’s epic series followed the lives of the Crawley family as they navigated the great social and political upheavals of early twentieth century Britain. Over the course of seven seasons, the story unfolds about the family fortunes asContinue reading “The Spirit of Lent: Spirit of the Servant”