I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ for My Journey

The End of a Journey All great epic tales end—and yet they don’t. Let me give you an example. At the end of The Lord of the Rings, one of the great literary sagas of all time, the main characters, Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, and the elven characters Elrond and Galadriel, prepare to board a shipContinue reading “I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ for My Journey”

The Mission IV – Proclaim the Year of the Lord’s Favor

Too good to be true? This morning we come to the end of our series on The Mission. For those of you who have been paying attention, I will be skipping one of the five statements, not because it isn’t important but because I only had four weeks for the series. Is anyone in debt?Continue reading “The Mission IV – Proclaim the Year of the Lord’s Favor”