Musings: How do we stay ahead of things so that we don’t get left behind?

In my former life, I dealt with computers daily before it was common to deal with computers daily. I worked with some of the earliest graphic design software – things like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator – before they were the industry standard. In those early days, we could expect a new software update about onceContinue reading “Musings: How do we stay ahead of things so that we don’t get left behind?”

Living VI: The Advocate

Seeing is believing I have always been fascinated with the mechanical workings of God’s Creation. Whether it is the physics behind the crashing of the waves or the intricate beauty of a flower, I could easily spend hours wondering about the nature of nature itself. One of the great marvels of nature is the humanContinue reading “Living VI: The Advocate”

Musings: How Much Truth Do We Really Want?

My grandfather was what you might have termed, a rounder. He had a very colorful life with many interesting adventures before he came to the faith somewhat later in life. My grandfather’s conversion made life interesting for my mother and her brothers and sisters, since the older ones knew him first as the rounder andContinue reading “Musings: How Much Truth Do We Really Want?”

Living V: Love One Another

The year was 1966. The war in Vietnam was being ratcheted up by Washington with President Johnson vowing that the 250,000 troops in South Vietnam would stay until the aggression was ended, a move that countered the Soviet Union’s insistence that the US leave. We soldiered on with the Cold War, The Space Race, andContinue reading “Living V: Love One Another”

Musings: Whose Church or How Do I Destroy the Church Without Really Trying?

One day as Jesus was walking along with his disciples, they came to a place called Caesarea Phillipi. The place was named for a ruler from Herod’s house named Herod Phillip II or Phillip the Tetrarch. At the time, there was a coin circulating with Phillip’s image on it, something considered idolatrous by the JewishContinue reading “Musings: Whose Church or How Do I Destroy the Church Without Really Trying?”

Living IV – Listen to Me

Skittley be bop de boop de bop I have heard from people through the years that jazz is an acquired taste, and you either acquire it or you don’t; It’s kind of like rutabaga or persimmons in that way. As a musical form, it can be lively, unpredictable, and rarely played the same way twice,Continue reading “Living IV – Listen to Me”

You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone – Maybe

Committee meetings unnerve me sometimes. They are unscripted, unpredictable and that is exactly the sort of environment where I am prone to say something that is less than brilliant. But sometimes, these sorts of situations open the door to things we never expect; things like healing, forgiveness, awareness. I went into a meeting this pastContinue reading “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone – Maybe”

Living III – Follow Me

Adjustments As most of you know, I like to eat. I mean, I really like to eat. Pick a food group, I have a favorite, especially where breads and sweets are concerned. When I was younger – much younger, I might add – I could eat ridiculous amounts of food without any apparent effect toContinue reading “Living III – Follow Me”

The Dark Night of the Methodist Soul

We have cried. We have lamented. We have ground our teeth and spat invectives at one another, arguing like children over a tattered toy. We have shown ourselves to be more antichrists than little Christs. And we have placed ourselves on the brink of destroying our current part of a heritage that has existed forContinue reading “The Dark Night of the Methodist Soul”