Where do we go from here? – Part 3

May 31, 2020 Worship Service (sermon included)https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/841331113042831/ Morning Prayers (week of May 25-29)Monday – https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/260016055342375/Tuesdayhttps://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/564300801158858/Wednesdayhttps://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/2898595326896624/Thursdayhttps://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/573220733331936/Fridayhttps://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/819292195262719/ Lunch & Learn (May 28)https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/245320546734136/

Where Do We Go From Here? – Part I

WhaddaulookinatThe resurrected Jesus is standing on the Mount of Olives with the disciples—the eleven specifically called along with several women and Jesus’ brothers—giving them a few last-minute words before he leaves. For the past forty days, since the resurrection, Jesus has been teaching them, “working in the power of the Holy Spirit,” the same HolyContinue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? – Part I”

Weekly Prayers and Lessons: May 10-15, 2020

Daily PrayerMonday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/596126754592275/Tuesday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/547494459282321/Wednesday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/728300644600992/ Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/545255039518768/Friday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/574619060141715/ Lunch & Learn1 John 2:28-3:10: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/553402405375844/ Sermon for May 10th:https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/705422616885236/

Weekly Lessons and Prayers for Zion UMC Online

Weekly Prayer SessionsMonday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/2614181018796918/Tuesday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/226264025330316/Wednesday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/164059788349644/Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/671933460320779/Friday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/600215954036937/ Lunch & Learn1 John 2:18-27: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/601978813861783/ Sermon for May 10thLiving the Resurrection: Mary Magdalenehttps://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/705422616885236/

Living the Resurrection: Mary Magdalene

This morning we come the end of our series on Living the Resurrection. I hope that you have been blessed by interacting with the stories of each of these people: Moses with the resurrection of his identity, Ruth the resurrection of her circumstances, and  Paul with the resurrection of his life’s purpose. And now weContinue reading “Living the Resurrection: Mary Magdalene”

Living the Resurrection: Paul

As we continue in our series on the resurrections of various biblical characters, let’s do a little recap. Two weeks ago, we talked about Moses and how he went through a series of different identities to become what God had in store for him, each of which led him to a different place and relationshipsContinue reading “Living the Resurrection: Paul”