Living the High Life: Interpreting the Law

You Might be a Pharisee Several years ago, a fellow Georgia native made a name for himself by comparing people in general to a certain segment of the population. He managed to make quite a name for himself making these comparisons and they ended up on coffee mugs, yearly flip calendars, and various other piecesContinue reading “Living the High Life: Interpreting the Law”

Living the High Life: Finding Purpose

Who am I? Self-realization. Self-actualization. Finding your identity. Finding a sense of direction. Thousands of books, articles, websites, and millions of printed pages have been produced seeking the answers to the great mystery of our purpose in life. I have, in my own small collection of books, no less than a dozen books on theContinue reading “Living the High Life: Finding Purpose”

The Gifts of God: The Birth of the Way

“A well-crafted story shares with the most elegant theories the ability to bring a version of the world to light that so transforms the way people see that it seems never to have been otherwise.” – Lisa J. Disch[1] As I have said before, I come from a family of storytellers, a very long lineContinue reading “The Gifts of God: The Birth of the Way”