Walking Through the Storm: Suffering in Perspective

Newspapers and the world beyond Every Saturday and Sunday morning of my younger childhood was more or less the same. I woke up before anyone else in the house, got an oversized bowl of cereal and turned on Saturday morning cartoons. Since I got up a few hours before everyone else, I had the TVContinue reading “Walking Through the Storm: Suffering in Perspective”

Walking Through the Storm: Just Being Honest

The Birthday that Never Was Imagine having a birthday that no one will ever remember. It’s pretty easy if you are born in December. It’s especially easy if you are born in the last half of December. I can remember as a child, years that only my mother, father, and sister even knew that IContinue reading “Walking Through the Storm: Just Being Honest”

Walking Through the Storm: Who Do You Love?

Cowboys and Cowboy Singers When I was growing up, my family listened to a lot of different kinds of music. From Gershwin to Guns n’ Roses, from Willie Nelson to John Williams, if you heard it on eight track, cassette, album, or radio we probably listened to a little of everything at one time orContinue reading “Walking Through the Storm: Who Do You Love?”

An Attempt at Theo-semiotics

This is a paper I submitted for a New Testament exegesis class, my first attempt at theo-semiotics. Not sure if the Greek font will translate well but I think you will get the gist of it. A Theological-Literary Analysis of e;rgon in James Thoughts and intents “…word and language form the medium that sustains theContinue reading “An Attempt at Theo-semiotics”

Find another way…

Last month it was Frank Schaefer in Pennsylvania. In March it will be Thomas Ogletree in New York, in the latest trial for the United Methodist Church over the prohibition against performing same-sex marriage ceremonies. Ogletree, a 80-year-old minister, theologian, and former dean of Yale Divinity, will be placed on trial for presiding over theContinue reading “Find another way…”


I read an interesting quote today from Alastair McGrath which read, “The general phenomenon of ‘doctrine’ – although not specific doctrines – is linked with the perceived need for social definition, especially when other factors do not adequately define the group.” I find this interesting because it places the general notion of doctrine within theContinue reading “Definitions…”