Perspectives on John: Semiotic Theology

When is a Thing not a Thing? In the cabinet to right and above the stove, are four Ball Mason jars, two wide mouth and two regular, each quart sized. They are what you would commonly think of if you thought of a Mason Jar, transparent glass with the word ‘Mason’ imprinted on the bottomContinue reading “Perspectives on John: Semiotic Theology”

An Attempt at Theo-semiotics

This is a paper I submitted for a New Testament exegesis class, my first attempt at theo-semiotics. Not sure if the Greek font will translate well but I think you will get the gist of it. A Theological-Literary Analysis of e;rgon in James Thoughts and intents “…word and language form the medium that sustains theContinue reading “An Attempt at Theo-semiotics”