Book Review – Reborn Again

Reborn Again. By Christopher Vanhall. © 2019 Christopher Vanhall I believe the Christian life is a journey and our theological experiences are the map offering direction. As I have ministered through the last decade, I have crossed paths and shared journeys with a variety of people. There is always something comforting about a journey thatContinue reading “Book Review – Reborn Again”

What is a Methodist I

I. What We Share with Others Share and Share Alike As human beings, we know something of who we are by where we came from. Many of us identify ourselves by both the place we were born and the family we were born into. Being a Jarrell from Marietta, Georgia is very different than beingContinue reading “What is a Methodist I”

Living VIII: Pentecost

SHocking The eighteenth century was an age of fascination with electricity. Scientists were experimenting with things that created current to try and understand the way electricity worked.  People were playing with things called static generators: a ball of sulfur or glass spun around while rubbing a hand or a woolen cloth on the outer glass.Continue reading “Living VIII: Pentecost”