Living the High Life: Being Forgiven

Casting the movie When I was a teenager, I began reading a lot of the same books that my father read. Authors like James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz became commonly sought out in the library. In fact, to this day my father continues the practice of weekly trips to the libraryContinue reading “Living the High Life: Being Forgiven”

Living the High Life: Speaking from Experience

    Scenery seen The naturalistic theologian James William Buffett once wrote, “Don’t try to describe the scenery if you’ve never seen it.” You can always tell when someone has really experienced something and when they are relating the experience of someone else. There are certain details, certain minutiae that are simply not a partContinue reading “Living the High Life: Speaking from Experience”

Living the High Life: Being Healed

In the past several years, I have heard a number of people say – myself included – “I’m getting off Facebook. I’m shutting down my Twitter account. I’m done with Instagram, Snap Chat, and every other social media app.” Usually when I press the issue, they offer one of two reasons: ‘I spend too much time playing on my phone’ or computer with it or ‘people are so mean to me/each other and I don’t want to hear it anymore.’ I can agree with both of those but in the past year I have certainly seen the latter reason emerge more predominantly.

Living the High Life: Interpreting the Law

You Might be a Pharisee Several years ago, a fellow Georgia native made a name for himself by comparing people in general to a certain segment of the population. He managed to make quite a name for himself making these comparisons and they ended up on coffee mugs, yearly flip calendars, and various other piecesContinue reading “Living the High Life: Interpreting the Law”

Living the High Life: Finding Purpose

Who am I? Self-realization. Self-actualization. Finding your identity. Finding a sense of direction. Thousands of books, articles, websites, and millions of printed pages have been produced seeking the answers to the great mystery of our purpose in life. I have, in my own small collection of books, no less than a dozen books on theContinue reading “Living the High Life: Finding Purpose”

The Gifts of God: The Birth of the Way

“A well-crafted story shares with the most elegant theories the ability to bring a version of the world to light that so transforms the way people see that it seems never to have been otherwise.” – Lisa J. Disch[1] As I have said before, I come from a family of storytellers, a very long lineContinue reading “The Gifts of God: The Birth of the Way”