Daily Prayer

For those who are unable to view it on Facebook, here the links to our daily prayer from the past week. I will try to put them up daily on this site from now on. Monday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/262228004794208/ Tuesday:https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/243798210083657/ Wednesday:https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/1757423487733824/ Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/551254552188009/ Friday:https://www.facebook.com/147073089497/videos/631278931052084/

Book Review – Reborn Again

Reborn Again. By Christopher Vanhall. © 2019 Christopher Vanhall I believe the Christian life is a journey and our theological experiences are the map offering direction. As I have ministered through the last decade, I have crossed paths and shared journeys with a variety of people. There is always something comforting about a journey thatContinue reading “Book Review – Reborn Again”